Rancho Mirage

The Ultimate Oasis

The residential base stands as the community’s most valuable asset, but Rancho Mirage’s prestigious reputation is further bolstered by its prominent non-residential establishments. These include three esteemed resort hotels: Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa, The Ritz Carlton, and Westin Mission Hills. Additionally, notable institutions like Eisenhower Medical Center, the Betty Ford Center, and The River at Rancho Mirage entertainment and retail center have contributed to the city’s elevated image. These facilities have garnered national and international recognition for their exceptional quality. With a strong residential foundation and these outstanding establishments, Rancho Mirage has emerged as a prominent community within the Coachella Valley.

Being among the first communities in the Coachella Valley to recognize the demand for high-quality residential and resort housing, Rancho Mirage has enjoyed widespread name recognition as one of the most affluent residential areas in the region. As the Coachella Valley continues to experience growth, the abundance of available vacant land has created competition among various areas for desirable new development projects.

In 2018 alone, construction activities in Rancho Mirage accounted for over $86.4 million in building permit valuations. This included over $42.9 million in single-family residential construction and over $43.5 million in commercial and other construction, encompassing additions, renovations, and energy-saving equipment upgrades. Currently, numerous projects, ranging from residential developments to retail centers, medical facilities, office spaces, and hotels, are at different stages of the planning process.

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