The Coachella Valley Reimagined

Cotino in Rancho Mirage


For centuries, humanity has been drawn to the sands, mountains, springs, and valleys of the Palm Desert. Its unique climate, diverse flora and fauna, and boundless beauty have inspired generations of makers, from original inhabitant Cahuilla basket-weavers and storytellers, to contemporary artists and innovators. All for good reason. The many colors of this natural wonderland surprise first-time visitors with vivid greens, liquid blues and dynamic reds and yellows bringing unexpected life to the ruddy cocoa tones that frame the landscape in grandeur.

Now, inspired by both the landscape and its history, the unique magic of the region has been combined with the imagination of Disney to make something new – Cotino™, a Storyliving by Disney™ community. This brilliant living painting is not only fueled by its own dynamic energy, but empowers all who live here, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages residents to keep dreaming and keep doing.

Ice Hockey Arena in Cathedral City

The arena, which is being called Coachella Valley Arena for the time being, will seat 9,918 for hockey and 10,815 for basketball and other sporting events, and will have a capacity of 11,679 for concerts, according to available design specs. The lower bowl of the venue will seat around 8,000.

The building also will feature 20 suites that can seat 20 people in each, a private club that can hold 145, a pair of VIP clubs that can comfortably fit 80 in each, and a premium concourse club that seats 590.

Two bars will flank the stage during live entertainment events and provide an appealing vantage point during sporting events.

The number of seats will allow the arena to host fairly large sporting events and concerts, while maintaining the intimate feel designers were aiming for.

Acrisure Arena

Desert Surf Club


DSRT Surf by Solano Beach-based Desert Wave Ventures LLC would include a 5.5-acre surf lagoon along with up to 350 hotel rooms, 88 residential villas and other amenities to be built on a 17.69-acre vacant lot southwest of the Desert Willow clubhouse and parking lot in Palm Desert.

Future Projects: Thermal Beach Resort